Citing Blawgs

Omar Ha-Redeye recently wrote an interesting post for Slaw on Citing Blogs in Law Journals, which generated quite a bit of discussion about the role of blogs as legal authority. Here at ABlawg we’re aware of a couple of our posts that have been cited in factums and other legal arguments. Nigel Bankes’ post When is a non-operator entitled to a constructive trust over the operator’s own assets? was referred to in a factum filed by the appellant in its appeal of Brookfield Bridge Lending Fund Inc. v. Vanquish Oil and Gas Corporation, 2008 ABQB 444, and Jennifer Koshan’s post Rule of Law, Deference and Contempt: Another Chapter in the Black Bear Crossing Dispute was cited by counsel for the appellant in its application for leave to appeal Tsuu T’ina Nation v. Frasier, 2009 ABCA 140 to the Supreme Court of Canada. We are interested in hearing from ABlawg readers if you are aware of other ABlawg posts that have been cited in legal arguments, academic articles and other legal materials. And we’d also love to hear your views on the citation of blawgs as legal authority.

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