The Alberta Law Reform Institute (ALRI) launches its new website: a valuable source for researching the law of Alberta

PDF version: The Alberta Law Reform Institute (ALRI) launches its new website: a valuable source for researching the law of Alberta 

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The Alberta Law Reform Institute (ALRI) is the official law reform agency of the province of Alberta. It provides independent comprehensive advice to the Government of Alberta and other agencies. Lawyers and researchers will be interested to learn that ALRI has launched its new website. You might want to take a moment to click on the http:// site and familiarize yourself with the wealth of information that is available here including all of ALRI’s reports going back to its formation in 1967. Out of print reports are available in pdf format. The reports are organized on the website by subject matter and by report type: issues paper, consultation memoranda, reports for discussion and final reports. All of the material is fully searchable. ALRI will also provide hard copies of in print reports on request.

[For a screen shot of the ALRI website please see the PDF version of this post].

Researchers might be particularly interested in a table of statutory enactments that provides a list of Alberta statutes that are based on, or informed by, ALRI’s reports. The table provides the name of the enactment and a link to the relevant report. This list is available under the heading “About ALRI”.

The new website also offers three easy ways to stay on top of ALRI’s work or communciate with ALRI about its ongoing work, or work that you believe that it should be undertaking: (1) A mailing list to receive notices of new publications or any other significant activities. Click on the mail list link near the top of the new website home page or send a message to; (2) The Feedback Form provides a quick method to comment on ALRI’s work or provide your suggestions. You can find this option under the “Your Views” tab on the new website; (3) an RSS Feed.

Carol is the Adminstrator of ALRI. Nigel is the Faculty of Law’s nominee on ALRI’s Board of Directors. ALRI’s main office is co-located with the Faculty of Law at the University of Alberta but two of ALRI’s research counsel, Maria Lavelle and Genèvieve Tremblay-McCaig, have offices in the Faculty of Law at the University of Calgary.

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