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ABlawg is thrilled to have been awarded the Clawbie for Best Law School / Law Professor Blog for 2012. Thanks again to our indefatigable bloggers and enthusiastic readers, commenters, and nominators. ABlawg’s winning the Clawbie makes for an auspicious beginning to our 5th anniversary celebrations, which will kick off in February. The ABlawg dates back to November 2007, and went live in February 2008. Here are some exciting ABlawg celebratory events readers can look forward to in the coming weeks:

  • upcoming posts on land titles, Métis rights, water rights, and human rights, and  others;
  • posts on ABlawg’s influence on  the development of law and policy in Alberta;
  • an  invitation to readers to submit comments on their favourite / most useful posts from the last five years;
  • a subscription drive to double our subscribers from about 600 to at least 1200;
  • draws for prizes for comments, and new subscribers by email, Twitter, and RSS feed.

For information on subscribing see <https://ablawg.ca/subscribe/>. To help us meet our anniversary challenge, get two or three of your colleagues to sign up. That will get us there.

And you can now follow us on Twitter at @ablawg.

We look forward to celebrating our 5th anniversary with our readers!

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  1. Grand Chief Ed John says:

    …excellent work and congratulations!

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